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 Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the scope for Commercial Dairy Farming in Kerala?

    The state today faces a milk shortage of around a million liters per day. The demand for high quality milk which can be produced only in a Commercial Dairy Farming setup increases the scope for Commercial Dairy Farming in Kerala.

  • Will the market accept high quality milk?

    The people in Kerala are more health and quality conscious. The present market is wide open for high quality chemical free milk.

  • How a Commercial Dairy Farm in Kerala can be viable with the existing price of milk?

    Commercial Dairy Farm operate at lower costs and can implement more advanced technologies and systems, which are out of the reach of small farmers. This enables the farmer to get the optimal productivity of each individual cow with minimum labour.

  • How to get suitable labour force to work in a dairy farm?

    Commercial Dairy Farming lifts the working environment for the labours. The working time will be restricted to day time in a Commercial Dairy Farm. Since the farm implements advanced technologies and systems the working of farm will be more of a system oriented.

  • Is there any financial assistance available from government in the dairy sector?

    Financial assistances are available in the form of grants and subsidies. Financial aid is given in different areas of dairy farming like, to start a farm, mechanization to produce high quality milk, waste management, etc.

  • What are the advantages of commercial dairy farm over traditional method?

    In commercial dairy farm there is a system to monitor the day to day activities of the farm. This daily monitoring can be done by a technically qualified person, which makes farming more a system based management.

  • Will the local breeds meet the productivity required for commercial farming?

    The farming practices adopted in commercial dairy helps the cross bred animals to attain optimum productivity.

  • How is dairy farming and organic agricultural farming related?

    The waste management in dairy produces high quality bio manure and other products which can become the foundation for organic agricultural farming.